PACT’s Programs

Network Building. PACT is continually working towards the establishment of a fully functional network of organizations and individuals working for child protection against trafficking. Members and supporters are actively involved in the institutionalization of the campaign and share in the organization’s culture of openness to diversity and collaboration.

Community Educators’ Training. Regarded as one of the best practices of PACT since 2002, Community Educators’ Trainings seek to increase the public’s awareness about the child trafficking phenomenon. This program engages law enforcers, local governments, NGOs and other community groups to become trainers and helps sensitze both the public and private sectors on the problem of child trafficking through community-based sessions.

PACT’s training modules include: (1) Community Educator’s Training on Anti-Trafficking, (2) Strengthening the Child Protection Network and (3) Philippine Guidelines for the Protection of Trafficked Children in the Philippines.

December 12 Campaign. PACT is actively involved in the annual commemoration of the adoption of the “Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children,” signed in Palermo, Italy in December 12, 2000. PACT members conceptualize child-driven activities and link with other stakeholders for the anti-child trafficking campaign in their respective areas.

Capacity Building of Members.

PACT provides opportunities for individuals and service providers to strengthen their work through agency personnel development and stress management trainings, provision of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials and other support .

Child protection is both a strategic priority and a universal imperative. The active involvement of the communities in planning, implementation and decision-making can be realized once they are empowered. One way to empower the people to build, reactivate and/or strengthen themselves is to help them develop their capabilities and skills in the documentation of cases, lobbying for local ordinances, budget and formation of local coordination mechanisms.


7 thoughts on “PACT’s Programs

  1. To whom it may concern,
    Iam Mariah Viray needing your help coz my youngest son was taken away by my estranged husband. Iam separated for two years now and the last time i let my estranged husband see my son was last December and until now my son is not here with me.He did not give him back to me.I have been calling my ex-husband cell phone but his not answering my calls. I’m really need your help regarding this matter. Please help me…..


    • Dear Ms. Viray,

      We may be able to refer you to the local DSWD in your area or perhaps an NGO partner who may should be able to help you with your son. It is better if you send us an email through or contact us though our landline (632)929-0347 or (02)355-4773 or mobile 0999-3055006.

      PACT Secretariat

    • Ms. Mariah,

      Please also include in your email the general location of your residence so we would know to which NGO partner and/or local social welfare office to refer you.

      PACT Secretariat

  2. Hi, my church in cebu is really interested in doing something about this in Cebu City. We cannot just let these horrible acts to children pass us by.. What can we do about it? Your suggestions are much appreciated!!

    • Hi Mitch,

      Your church is certainly lucky to have a member like you. The first step in the fight against child trafficking is to know what it is and how it operates so that it can be prevented. Like PACT, there are other NGOs that provide training and orientation on anti-trafficking. This can be integrated in activities of schools, barangays, faith based groups, NGOs and private offices. In Cebu, we have ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, as a partner (which is incidentally also our founding member). We also have partners in CBCP-NASSA through our the regional campaign network, Asia ACTs which works closely with NASSA and the AMRSP. We can link you up with them if you wish. Every December, the whole PACT network all over the Philippines, conducts coordinated awareness raising activities which is open to the public. You can share with us what you regularly do in the church or possible venues for public awareness raising on trafficking and maybe we can suggest more ways of working together for this cause.

  3. Greetings!

    I am Sr. Emilly B. Baylon,OSR from Antonia Center in Cebu City working for healing and recovery for sexually abused and prostituted girls and women. I joined many seminars given by PACT when i was still in the country. At present, i am assign here in New York. I am more than willing to be your partner here in US. I hope you can give me address and telephone numbers of the people whom i could possibly contact here. I wish you could help me with this. Looking forward to be your partner here. God Bless!

    Sr. Emilly,OSR

    • Dear Sr. Emily,

      It’s so nice to be able to connect with a long time partner of PACT. Are you still connected with any NGO or institutions working on the issue of child trafficking, prostitution and/or abuse? As far as I know, PACT doesn’t have that many contacts in the US. Most of our contacts are in Asia. But I will look through our files (or ask fellow members of the Secretariat) if we do have partners based in the US. Maybe you cane even help us build partnerships with individuals or groups there?

      You can also keep connected to PACT through our Facebook account (PACT Secretariat). We can add you to our list of friends if you have a Facebook account. Will try to keep you updated through our WordPress and Multiply page.

      Thank you for connecting with us.

      Best regards,
      Vida Subingsubing
      PACT Information and Communications Officer

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