Push and Pull Factors of Trafficking

The following are some of the primary factors that cause the environment of trafficking to flourish in the Philippines:

– Poverty

– Globalization

– Modernization & Development Schemes

– Out-migration networks

– Corruption & Collaboration

– Breakdown of Families

– Lack of Education & Information

– Aftermath of War

– Culture

The interplay of these factors, with increasing poverty as the major catalyst, results in conditions favorable to trafficking of children within the country and across borders.


3 thoughts on “Push and Pull Factors of Trafficking

  1. childtrafficking is a serious crime against humanity and must be stopped with immediate effect.personally,I have been trafficked before.I was rescued and at the moment I am a teacher and I am very much serious about stopping these evil traffickers and if possible prosecute them before the law court and jail them as well.I am very serious about this.

    • Should you want to be part of the campaign against child trafficking and contribute to the effort of keeping our children safe and promoting their rights, please send us an emai at philippinecampaign@gmail.com or contact us at (02) 355-4773. There could be a PACT chapter near your area and you can be part of their activities. Thanks for the support.

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